Take advantage of the latest safety features with our vehicle accessories.

Reversing camera kits

Reversing cameras increase visibility for drivers, making reversing easier and reducing the risk of accidents, particularly on busy work sites where the risk of workers stepping into blind spots is high.

Bespoke safety features

As commercial vehicle safety pioneers, we’ve developed a number of industry-leading vehicle accessories to help reduce the risk of injury:

  • Pull-out Platform Step & Yellow Grab Handle
    By adding an extended platform landing area to the ladder’s top rung, the uppermost point of contact is increased fivefold. The extended yellow grab handle creates an expanded contact area of up to 720mm. Access to your vehicle has never been easier or safer.
  • Safe 'T' Drop System
    This award-winning system includes a safety lanyard, link to the operator vehicle and an extension aid to increase ease in deployment.
  • 'V' Groove Rave & Drop Link Lashing Ring
    With a 2.5tn rated and tested capacity, overload strapping can be pushed right up to 5tn. The design allows an unobstructed securing point to the bed level of an open-sided vehicle.

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